• Let me give my highest recommendation for Dr Becky Palmer . Her knowledge of acupuncture and massage therapy helped me heal from a serious back and knee injury.  Her attention to detail and explanations made me feel safe and confident in her treating me. I am completely healed and have been pain free for over a year. 

 Adam Mirenda


  • Dr. Palmer treated me with a combination of acupuncture and massage, and it was wonderful.  I had been experiencing sciatica pain all throughout my pregnancy; with just only a handful of treatments the pain was gone!! I had seen a chiropractor in the second trimester and it seemed to help but never had lasting effect.  Not only did I have sciatica but I also struggle with chronic neck pain.  Either from stress or poor body mechanics my neck is ALWAYS tight.  Becky managed to treat both issues simultaneously with acupuncture first and following the treatment she used some stretching techniques with massage to really make me feel good!! Dr. Palmer was professional, knowledgeable, warm and comforting in my vulnerable state.  She treated me while I was well into my third trimester with my first baby and while on her table I could feel my stresses of soon to be mommy-hood disappear, as well as my pain! Dr. Palmer helped prepare my mind and body for the next chapter of my life, as well as rid it of pain from previous chapters ;) I would recommend her to anyone that is seeking holistic care!!



  • Dr. Palmer is the best therapist’s I have ever received treatment from! She’s an expert in her craft and her massage therapy, stretching, and  acupuncture techniques are second to none. Since becoming her client a few years ago my flexibility, circulation and range of motion has improved tremendously. Recently, I was suffering from muscle and joint pain as a result of an automobile accident. I consulted with Dr. Palmer, she developed a plan and within one month I was relieved of all of the pain! I am truly impressed by her knowledge of not only massage therapy methods but overall health and wellness.  She has great control of her hands and her sessions are truly healing! I highly recommend her to anyone!

Patrick Carnegie 


  • Coming off a surgery I knew muscle pliability would be a huge part of recovery. Finding Dr. Palmer was a huge help in speeding up my recovery process! With her experience in massage and acupuncture, I can't thank her enough for all she has done for me throughout my rehab. I'm feeling better than ever and truly believe that massage therapy played a big role in that! Anyone looking for a performance edge or just a good relaxing massage, I highly recommend seeing Dr. Palmer!

Nick Burdi



  • Becky is a fabulous massage therapist.  She was recommended to me, and after one massage I am convinced she is wise beyond her years. I will not go anywhere else. 

 Ellen McLoughlin